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Adversaries and Authorities

Purely uncritical moment: This was an amazing book. I appreciate how Lloyd enacts his comparison between Chinese and Greek science by addressing what are surface or “apparent” differences and then complicating that with details that may go against the common assumptions. It reminded me of the argument by Hall and Ames in Anticipating China, as […]

Kennedy’s Comparative Rhetoric

The basic function of rhetorical communication is defensive and conservative…the major function of rhetoric throughout most of human history in most of the world has been to preserve things as they are or to try to recover an idealized happier past” (Kennedy 216). While there are several of Kennedy’s claims that I could choose to […]

Rhetoric: Its Parts and Pieces

Aristotle’s Rhetoric attempts to classify, subdivide, and define the various parts of rhetoric, offering a systematic outline of what is included within this conceptual field.  Sections One and Two of Book I each begin with statements that are often recalled about Rhetoric via Aristotle: “Rhetoric is the counterpart of Dialectic” and ”Rhetoric may be defined […]

Syllogism, Enthymeme, and (minimal) Maxim

“Everyone who affects persuasion through proof does in fact use enthymemes or examples: there is no other way” (182). “The enthymeme must consist of few propositions, fewer often than those which make up the normal syllogism” (183). I am interested in the differences between the syllogism and the enthymeme, and find the latter of particular […]